Mission of 4 Goals

1. Youth of Greater Lansing are transformed.

2. Youth Leaders are united.

3. Staff serves youth leaders.

4. YOGL network aligns with COGL.

Our Four Milestones of Unity – Annual small wins facilitated by YOGL are:

1. One Annual Youth Pastor Appreciation

2. One Annual Youth Servant / Evangelistic Event

3. Recurring Prayer Call For Leaders

4. Recurring Media and Resources

YOGL shared ICES Michigan - Youth Exchange Programs's photo. ...

🌎🇺🇸🕊ATTENTION JACKSON, EATON &CLINTON COUNTY FAMILIES: We are seeking host families for HIGH SCHOOL EXCHANGE STUDENTS for the 2017/2018 school year for LOCAL MICHIGAN HIGH SCHOOLS. 🇰🇷 🇹🇭 🇸🇪 🇪🇸 We have 4 students anxiously wanting to find out who their host family will be. Andrew is from South Korea, Palm is from Thailand, Nora is from Sweden & Inigo from Spain. All 4of the students would really like to come to and experience pure MI! ❤️ 🇰🇷 🎶 ⛪️Andrew is 15 y/o from South Korea. He lives with his Mother and Father, and enjoys spending time with them when they are not working. They enjoy going hiking in the nature, and preparing healthy meals together. His family also likes to go camping. Andrew is a Christian, and is part of the worship team at his church that he attends weekly. He loves to sing and can play many different music instruments. He also likes to solve Rubik’s cubes, and work with robots. He would like to be on the robotics team while in the United States. Andrew’s dream is to be a sound engineer. He cannot wait to share the traditions of American holidays with his host family. Make his dream come true. 💙 🇸🇪 🎶 💃🏽 Nora is 17 y/o from Sweden. She has two older siblings who are studying and away at college. Both were exchange students in the past in FL. Her father is a surgeon and her mother is a biomedical scientist. She loves gymnastics, playing the piano, listening to music, dancing, and musicals. She considers herself as a musical nerd, and hopes that she can practice dancing, acting, and singing in the US. Her favorite form of dance is jazz. Nora is happy, social, open minded, creative and humoristic. Nora has allergies to cats and dogs (can live wit hypoallergenic dogs). Make her dream come true and open your heart and home to a Swedish "music nerd."❤️ 🇪🇸 🚢 Inigo is 16 y/o from Spain. He lives in a small village with his mother, and his dog. He has an older sister, but she is away at college. His family likes to hike together and enjoy nature. His Mother is a vet, but she is currently teaching ballet (her true passion). His father works on a shipyard as a financial director. Ingio is very friendly, kind, and is always in a positive mood. He is talkative and eager to meet new people. Ingio loves sports like rowing and sailing. Inigo can speak Spanish, English, French, and Galician. Once he is finished with school Inigo would like to join the Navy and become a Marine Officer. His favorite subjects are Chemistry, Physics, Technical Drawing, and Physical Education. Ingio’s friends are very important to him. They like to play video games, watch movies, go for walks, and play sports together. He loves to meet new people and experience new cultures. He cannot wait to talk with his family, and learn more about the United States. 💛 🇹🇭 🐶 🐱 Palm is 15 y/o from Thailand. She lives with her Aunt and Grandparents. Her home has a lot of dogs and cats. Her Grandmother is always rescuing animals. Palm loves all kinds of animals, and loves how much her Grandmother cares about animals as well. Her parents are divorced, and she sees her Mom a few times a week. She is a very cheerful, calm, and rational young lady. Palms favorite sports are badminton and swimming. She also loves drawing, listening to music (pop), shopping, and playing the ukulele. Palms favorite subjects are art, music, science, and English. She always helps out with daily chores, and is learning to cook traditional Thai food so she can cook a few meals for her host family. When she was younger she wants to be an architect. She is so excited to speak to her host family. 💚 💌For more information, questions, or to learn about the benefits of hosting... please send us a Facebook message, make a post comment, email ICES regional director Andrea Lundin at alundin@icesusa.org, or call our regional office 989-289-8765. 🏡Students are not arriving until August 2017, have their own allowance, spending money, insurance, great English, and awesome support. All host family dynamics are welcome, and you do not have to have teenagers in your home to host. You can host for a few weeks, a semester, or a school year. ✨If you know somebody who would be a great fit as a host family, feel free to SHARE widely!

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