Mission of 4 Goals

1. Youth of Greater Lansing are transformed.

2. Youth Leaders are united.

3. Staff serves youth leaders.

4. YOGL network aligns with COGL.

Our Four Milestones of Unity – Annual small wins facilitated by YOGL are:

1. One Annual Youth Pastor Appreciation

2. One Annual Youth Servant / Evangelistic Event

3. Recurring Prayer Call For Leaders

4. Recurring Media and Resources

YOGL shared Kano Computing's Kano Computer Kits. ...

Don’t just stare at a computer, build one that lets you do this.

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YOGL shared Youth Ministry Partners's photo. ...

Our research has shown that Bible literacy is in decline. We’ve heard your cries for help! So we created a resource that will explore the Bible book to book. Fathom! Coming this June! For more info click the link in the bio! #walk #through #the #bible

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