"The agreement and common purpose created a synergy that was palpable!"

Local Worship Leader

I visited your site and I am so impressed with what you are doing, we want to be a part of it!  

Director of Local University

"The discipleship conference helped our church think outside the box! I will never attend another conference without my leaders again"

Local Pastor

"This I Love My City Event is so inspiring, it brings Hope to our city that God's people still care! It speaks volumes when churches cancel service to love Lansing..."

Radio Station Host

"COGL thank you for all you do to serve local churches,you sure make my job as a pastor easier."
"God has been dealing with me about having great relationships on a national level, but not having  much of a relational network with leaders regionally. COGL makes that possible."

Local Pastor

"This Marketplace Forum is the best meeting I've ever attended! I want to support COGL and the work you are doing."

Local Business Leader