Adam Williams     Pastor DeMarquis Battle
TeensLOLTV             Battle Leadership Group
YOGL Team Co-Leaders

YOGL Network | Youth leaders united to transform the youth of Greater Lansing with Christ.

Mission of 4 Goals

1. Youth of Greater Lansing are transformed.

2. Youth Leaders are united.

3. Staff serves youth leaders.

4. YOGL network aligns with COGL.

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Scott Rolff & Dennis Moore
(Co-founders of Ministry Coaching, Making Disciples)
MTR Team

Our focus is the equipping aspect of peer-to-peer disciple-making* and building, cultivating and sustaining a high-trust culture among pastors and leaders in relationships of trust and environments of grace.

The role also includes activating disciple-making for regional impact and multiplication through the training and equipping of COGL pastors, ministry leaders and Christian leaders in the community. Additionally, the role coordinates with the board and other teams for the purpose of maintaining strong and honoring relationships.


Pastors Retreat Team – Pastor Kevin Shoemaker, CCVC

Our team is responsible to coordinate a regional Pastors retreat. The retreat is intentionally designed to provide an opportunity for Pastors to connect and build high-trust relationships with other pastors. The retreat includes components of prayer, solitude, dialogue, and recreation.