We welcome you and/or your church or organization to become a Kingdom Partner. Kingdom Partners value the larger body of Christ and recognize that no single congregation or organization will be able to transform Lansing communities alone.  Therefore, they donate 1% of their annual budget per year. We deeply value both our Kingdom Partners and our Friends!  Together we can make an indelible difference and bring about sustainable change.



Sponsors are those Churches, Organizations, NPOs, Agencies, Businesses, Ministries  or Individuals who underwrite all or a portion of a COGL event. Our conferences, prayer gatherings, pastor summits, and market place forums provide the necessary foundation to develop the essential relationships on which sustainable collaboration and strategic partnerships are built. We welcome sponsorship on a one time basis or larger donations for specified events. Sponsors receive varying benefits as specified by an agreed upon contract.


Help support the regional unity movement! In Psalm 133 the Lord spoke through David and said ” How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!”…and goes on later to say “there the Lord commands a blessing, even life forever more!” Join with us, as we demonstrate we are united to Transform Lansing with Christ! Your donations are received as offerings – COGL believes that your tithes belong to your local church.


Meet The Need (A Solution to a Systemic Issue)

COGL is partnering with Meet The Need a “not-for profit organization” (NPO) charity whose mission is to dramatically increase the impact churches and ministries have in their communities by mobilizing more people to loving acts of service. COGL invites you to unite with other regional churches & NPOs using this fantastic tool to unify our efforts as we serve our shared community.