Lansing BreakThrough – Mark Montgomery.

MICHOP– Michigan now has an all-denomination Christian prayer center strategically located across from our state capitol to specifically bless our government and its leaders. The MICHOP prayer facility was born out of a desire to see the transforming power of God impact every area of our state.  We all know that divine intervention is needed as no human remedy alone will suffice.

salt and light global

Salt & Light Global – Working with communities around the world, Salt & Light Global seeks solutions informed by Truth, promotes good governance under the rule of law, and preserves the blessings of liberty, especially the unalienable freedom of the faithful to share the Gospel and make disciples for Christ. The foundation for our work is the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus calls His people to be salt and light in the world. Salt preserves, while light illuminates. We desire to see nations transformed as their communities intentionally, strategically, and prayerfully preserve and shine Truth for God’s glory. To accomplish this goal, we educate and equip Christians to engage the culture via citizen statesmanship and selfless service.


The MY Lansing/My Brother’s Keeper – Angela Waters Austin with One Love Global.

The MY Lansing/My Brother’s Keeper Action Plan. MY Lansing MBK embraces all six MBK Milestones to change the trajectory of success for young men and women of color. Including the regional cradle-to-college, career and civic engagement strategy. Over the past 12 months, MY Lansing MBK has grown to include over 150 partners, allies, and supporters committed to the region’s common goal. Contact Angela Waters Austin with One Love Global for more information.