Is COGL a church?

COGL is not a church, but more of a movement of local Christians committed to making a difference in our communities.  More than 200 churches and over 50 local businesses have participated, representing diverse populations, denominations and worship styles. All COGL partner Churches and Market Place Leaders are Christian and determined to love, serve, pray, partner, and united to see Lansing transformed with Christ!

Is this one of those 'ecumenical' efforts designed to get pastors to drop their doctrinal and denominational distinctions?

No! COGL has over 200 pastors and Christian leaders in its network, representing a wide range of denominational and non-denominational churches. While they are one in their mission to join together for united service, prayer, and partnership, the pastors relate to one another without compromising the identity, vision or mission of their churches.


Are you asking pastors to submit to another pastor's spiritual authority in these networks?

No! What we are asking is that pastors enter into a high-trust relationships with fellow Pastors and Christian Leaders for concerted prayer, mutual encouragement, service, and unity of purpose in bringing Godly influence to the Lansing Metro Area.

Is the facilitating pastor automatically going to become the sole spokesperson for the pastors (and by extension, their churches) in the network?

No. While COGL does serve in a position to represent the faith community in several local initiatives, we are NOT trying to be the sole voice for pastors or their churches. Rather, COGL serves as an extension of what has already been voiced in the faith community and purposes to further connect community leaders with those doing Kingdom work in the same fields.

Is COGL affiliated with a particular Christian denomination?

No, though it was birthed out of a local non-denominational church. Since COGL does not affiliate with a single denomination, participants are free to remain focused on their denominational identity, vision, and mission while functioning  from their doctrinal perspective in the larger context of the regional Body of Christ.

Will these networks of pastors be under the direction of COGL and carry the name of COGL?

No. COGL sees its role to come alongside of local Pastors and Community and Christian Leaders to serve them. We are here to affirm our region’s need for spiritual leaders, encourage them, and provide them with the best information, tools, networking opportunities, and catalytic events relevant to their individual mandates. Ultimately, we support the local church in its role to equip the saints to do the work that God has prepared in advance for them (Ephesians 4:12).

Does COGL endorse political parties or candidates?

No. COGL is non-partisan and provides a neutral place to exalt Christ and Christ alone without focusing on political agendas. However, we do encourage people to vote Biblical values and support candidates accordingly.

What are some of COGL’s greatest successes?

Through God’s grace, COGL has been embracing the unified local Church since 2008. During this time, COGL has rallied the Church to seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which we have been sent (Jeremiah 29:7) through the following:

  • Food Drop (2009-2011): Over $380,000 was donated by COGL churches to help stomp out hunger, raising awareness of hunger as a local issue and catalyzing churches to become part of the solution. Over 9,000 families were prayed for in conjunction with this event.
  • Assisting in the launch of MICHOP (Michigan Capitol House of Prayer)(2010): COGL leveraged relationships, communications, and finances to ensure a sound start to the region’s first official 24-hour prayer house with a primary focus on the Lansing region as the governmental head of our state. Two of COGL’s board members still sit on the advisory board of MICHOP to assist in strategy, implementation, and communication.
  • Market Place Survey & Forum (2012, 2013): A survey was conducted by a team of 5 volunteer interviewers who did 45 face-to-face interviews with those perceived to be the top influencers in our region. The findings were presented at the 2013 Market Place Forum, revealing that over 56% of those interviewed were Christian, and affirmed that the top 4 areas of concern among secular and Christian organizations alike are Education & Youth, Talent & Workforce , Infrastructure & Transportation, and Racial Healing & Equity. This opened the door for people of good will to come alongside people of good faith and agree on a common agenda in which they are willing to work together. As a result, COGL continues to partner with the Power of We Consortium on these issues and encourages Christians to engage at the coalition level to ensure that our region will reflect more fully God’s good intentions for our cities and the city-dwellers.
  • Annual Conferences: COGL invites internationally respected Christian teachers to speak in the Lansing region as a means to  support the local church in its role to equip the saints to do the work that God has prepared in advance for them (Ephesians 4:12).  Past speakers have included Eric Swanson, Rick Rusaw, Doug Polluck, Frank Turrek, Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, and Darrell MacLearn.
  • Quarterly Summits: COGL has held 20 summits over the past 5 years, encouraging Pastors and Christian Leaders to enter into relationship for concerted prayer, mutual encouragement, service, and unity of purpose in bringing Godly influence to the Lansing Metro Area. One pastor stated, “There were many times I attended COGL summits during difficult seasons, times when I was ready to walk away from it all – but at the summits, I’d always find that someone would say exactly what I needed to hear to continue the work that God has called me to.” COGL summits are a convenient way for Pastors and Christian leaders to meet at a centralized location to encourage and pray for one another, while staying informed of what is going on in the Christian community.
  • Partnering with local events and initiatives: National Day of Prayer (2008-2014), The Call -Detroit (2011), Power of We Consortium (2012-present), Bless Fest (2013), Meet The Need (2013-present), Justice Conference (2014),  I Love My City Lansing (2014), Redeeming R&B Christian Hip-Hop (2014), Saving Our Sons (2014), Mayor’s Young Lansing Coalition and Partnership (2014), Faith Network Coalition (2014)
What are COGL’s signature events?

COGL holds 3 Summits per year – 2 between January and May and 1 in early Fall – which provide a unique opportunity for regional pastors and Christian leaders to fellowship and explore ways they can collaborate to Transform Lansing with Christ. We also put on 1 conference per year that is designed for you to bring your group of leaders, friends, ministry or business colleagues, allowing you to dialogue with your team about what discipleship looks like in your cultural context. We host an annual pastor’s retreat! The retreat’s purpose is to intentionally deepen relationships between pastors, increasing authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability in relationships, moving pastors out of isolation and helping them to more fully embrace the diversity of the Church. We also host a monthly prayer gathering and one annual prayer event to allow the unified body of Christ to corporately pray and petition Father God on behalf of our cities. Finally, COGL partners once a year with local churches, organizations, businesses and government officials to reach out and serve in our community through a Unified Service Event. Our goal in these events is to provide a catalyst for people of good will and people of good faith to serve with various organizations in the area year-round for sustainable, positive change in our region.

How do I become a part of COGL?

Easy! Pastors and Ministry Leaders can simply attend a quarterly summit or COGL Event and begin fellowshipping with us. Visit our Events page to register for the next summit or event. COGL values authentic Christ-centered relationships across denominational boundaries, so the more a church gets involved, the more it can provide to and benefit from the partnership. If you are not a pastor or ministry leader, you can simply contact your local pastor and encourage them to attend our next summit to get involved.  Individuals are welcome to attend our Regional Conference, Monthly Prayer Gathering, and to participate in our City-Wide Service event, as well as other ongoing opportunities.  Market Place Christians may contact us to learn more about the marketplace initiative. Refer your friends to our website, so they can check it out for themselves! 

How are COGL’s leaders selected?

COGL’s leadership team is comprised of volunteer community Pastors and Christian leaders who serve the network. They help administrate COGL business, decisions, direction, events and summits for a term of two to three years. These servant leaders are nominated and affirmed by the COGL Board and may serve consecutive terms if called to do so and affirmed by a majority of board members.

Why as a Christian should I support the ‘Unity Movement’?

COGL’s mission statement is The love of Christ compels us to unite together as local Church and Christian Leaders in order to see the greater Lansing area transformed with Christ, the heart of our mission being to help the whole Church bring the whole Gospel to the whole City. Each church in our city carries a unique DNA that distinguishes it from the other local bodies, but each is also part of the bigger picture that makes up the regional Church. Paul used the analogy when describing the local church to the Corinthians saying, “Just as the body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” To the Ephesians, he instructed, “Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. From him, the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” No single local church, however well managed and funded, can single-handedly reach every person in the Lansing Metropolitan Area. However, when we work together, we are able to lighten one another’s load, reduce duplication in the city, and make our resources and funds go further, resulting in greater connectivity, awareness, and maturity in the collective Body of Christ.

How can I volunteer in order to help COGL accomplish its mission?

We are always in need of faithful volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering to serve COGL, please contact us and we will help you to find a volunteer opportunity that best fits your passion and gift set. For additional volunteer service opportunities in the Lansing area, visit our Serve page.

How do Market Place Christians help advance the Kingdom in our region? How can they help COGL?

A Market Place Christian is a Christian who carries Kingdom values into their workplace as their mission’s field. In 2012, COGL recruited a small team of volunteers to interview over 45 of those perceived to be the most influential leaders in our community and were encouraged to find that over 56% of those interviewed are Christians, with a heart for seeking the peace and prosperity of Lansing and the surrounding communities. God has strategically placed his people in areas of influence throughout the entire region, affecting our city’s policies, education, economy and culture. Marketplace Christians are encouraged to participate in our city-wide service events, lshare their stories, let us know if they are in need of volunteers, advertise with us in our monthly e-newsletter, or even help sponsor a COGL event. Additionally, if you are a Market Place Christian who would like to connect with other Market Place Christians in the Lansing area or if you are passionate about a specific initiative, please contact us and we will gladly do our best to help you. Finally, if you have a testimony of what God is doing in your work place, please let us know so we can share with others so as to encourage them! Contact Us

How is COGL funded?

COGL receives its funding from our Kingdom Partners, Friends of COGL, Event Sponsors, and Donors. We receive all donations as gifts and offerings. COGL believes that your tithe belongs to your local church. For more information, please see our Collaborate page.

How does my donation help COGL?

Your donation helps COGL to:

  • Coordinate and cover costs of various Summits, Pastor Retreats, Conferences,  Prayer Events and Unifying Service Events
  • Provide e-news reports on a monthly basis, connecting churches and believers in the region
  • Provide the COGL mini-magazine to cast vision to regional leaders about the potential for seeking the peace and prosperity of the city to which we’ve been sent together
  • Offset office and staffing costs
  • Provide local churches/believers with information about the latest tools for Christian leaders
  • Provide our conference videos to churches and individuals online, free of charge
Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. COGL is a state and federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization, which means that all donations are tax deductible.

What is COGL’s mailing address?

Mail for COGL may be sent to:

1820 Sunset, Ste. 102

Lansing, MI 48917


How can I receive monthly e-news updates from COGL?

 Click here if you would like to be added to COGL’s e-newsletter mailing list, or any of our other mailing lists.

How do I update my email address and subscription preferences?Section

Click here to update your email address and indicate which of the following you would like to receive updates on: 1) Quarterly COGL summits 2) Annual regional conference 3) Monthly regional prayer 4) Monthly e-newsletter. You may also contact us with any other subscription requests.

How can I have my organization’s information sent in the monthly COGL e-newsletter?

The COGL e-newsletter is sent out every month on the 10th. If you would like your information to be included in the newsletter, it must be emailed our Logistics Coordinator at logistics.coor@icogl.com at least 2 weeks prior. Pieces selected  must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Is it in line with basic Christian doctrine or mission?
  • Does it inform/educate or benefit the Church?
  • Does it engage or give an opportunity to serve in the community?
  • Does it encourage faith in the work place?

Businesses may also advertise in the COGL newsletter for a donation of $75 per publication. However, COGL reserves the right to decline an advertisement request should we feel  it would conflict with COGL’s mission.


Do you take prayer requests or is there someone that I can pray with?

Yes. Contact us and we will share your prayer request with our prayer team or connect you with a local pastor or prayer leader willing to pray with you.

Can COGL help with my project?

Possibly. COGL is happy to help support local projects by advertising them to the COGL network or helping groups post needs in the City-Serve database, but will generally choose one regionally focused service project, one regional prayer event and one conference each year. We have purposed to support local congregations and we are careful not to duplicate what they are already doing.  If you have an idea that will make a transformational impact on Lansing, start by working with a/your pastor who can share the proposed project at the pastor summits, where projects are suggested for consideration by the COGL board.

Will COGL provide financial support for my project?

COGL funds are raised prior to each event to ensure excellent collaboration among partners and the biggest impact for our communities. Funds are therefore limited to projects selected in advance for the time being, but we do hope to increase our support base and expand into other projects as God provides.