What If…

Christians in the marketplace were equipped to live faith-filled lives at work all week long? Or if local business owners implemented Christian principles from the top-down in their organizations? What might happen if the church and marketplace leaders ceased viewing themselves as disconnected islands within our community and began to see themselves as interdependent Kingdom agents appointed to bring about the peace and prosperity of our city? COGL is exploring ways business leaders can impact our community in a way that reflects more fully God’s good intentions for our city and city dwellers. Are you looking for ways to live a faith-filled life throughout your work week? Business, finance, management, social justice, capitalism, prosperity, poverty, and the like are all issues that involve big problems and practical solutions for those who are citizens of heaven. Checkout a few of our teams or partners below!



Multiplicity is about faith and its role in business through a monthly feature on Equity Equals. We want to encourage businesses to commit and contribute to helping those in need in our community. Multiplicity will showcase business leaders whom put God first and share ways the ways faith helps their businesses succeed in good and challenging business climates. We will challenge you to contribute to making your community better. We will show you how this helps your business grow, engages your employees and helps them buy into your business team and helps your community.

Our Mediator

Tony Conley – Host for five years of the “Tony Conley Morning Show” on talk station WILS 1320. Prior to the morning show, Conley has worked as an account executive at Fox 47 TV, as co-host of the “Staudt on Sports” radio show.

Our Hosts

Stephanie Butler – President of COGL, Church of Greater Lansing network.

Marvin Williams – Senior Pastor of Trinity Church

Mike Winters – Central Michigan Director of Christian Businessmen Connection

A special shout out to Equity Equals Founder & Host Angela Waters-Austin for givings us an opportunity to encourage Christians in the marketplace.