The Arts Team!

The first time we meet God in the Bible we meet Him as an Artist! What an incredible thought! Many of us have probably pondered God’s creativity from time to time and been deeply inspired, yet fail to see that same creative ingenuity fully present in us. Are you interested in joining our Arts Network? Contact us!

Coming Soon…

COGL is seeking Christian Leaders willing to serve on our Media Team. Are you passionate about seeing God glorified in the  Media industry? Contact us!

Our Arts Leader – Jillian Stapleton. She is a passionate follower of Christ equipping Christians to express God’s beauty, hope, and creativity through the arts so they can encourage, heal, and inspire entire cities, states, and nations of people. Contact Jillian to inquire about joining our Arts Team comprised of regional leaders in the Arts Mountain. Sign-up to receive Information about upcoming Arts events, conferences, and gatherings.

Acts of Faith Newspaper – The founders Kevin and Tammy Duff have partnered with COGL to provide a media outlet where Christian Leaders can impact people of good will in our city. This publication provides hope, inspiration, and training on how to overcome life’s every obstacles. The publication includes fun facts, events information, and advertising opportunities for local businesses. It is a great alternative to the negative perspectives so often pushed through other media outlets. View Recent Publications

The Attributes Project – We invite your church, community group, or school classroom to participate in The Attributes project – a series of 22 large-scale painting meant to bless Lansing and beyond with messages of hope and beauty by highlighting the positive attributes of our cities and city dwellers to what is good, beautiful and worth celebrating. Contact Jillian to learn more or schedule your group’s Attribute Project Session.